Papad Being Sold As Asian Nachos At Restaurants. Internet Reacts


From chole bhature to butter chicken, lip-smacking Indian dishes have been ruling the hearts across the country. That’s not all. Over the years, these delicacies have gained recognition around the world and the popularity transcended boundaries. Today, you will find Indian restaurants in almost every country, impressing thousands of patrons with their flavours and aroma. However, restaurants located overseas often give their unique touch to classic Indian dishes to make them more relatable. They tweak their taste and names as well. We recently came across one such instance that that gained attention on the internet.  

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A photo of a restaurant menu has been doing rounds on the internet that shows the Indian snack papad being sold as “Asian nachos”. In the picture of the menu, uploaded on Twitter, we could see a plate loaded with crispy papad and a dip on the side. The menu reads, “Asian nachos” have papadam, avocado, tamarind salsa, and crispy shallots. A person, identified as Samantha, took to Twitter to share the picture and wrote alongside, “A culinary crime has been committed.”

The post soon gained traction on Twitter and many people seemed taken aback by how papad was described on the menu. “Wondering if Mexicans or Indians should feel more offended,” a user wrote.

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“Sin not just a crime,” a person said.

Some highlighted that the snack was priced quite high.

“I wonder if they’ll call “moong ka papad” as black dotted nachos? And I’m pretty satisfied with the 2rs papad which I get with masala powder. I can’t afford the 27 dollars,” a comment read.

“I could make the same thing for like a dollar,” a person wrote.

One user joked, “Me: I want nachos… Mom: we have nachos at home… *Nachos at home”.

Another said, “With that papadam it is impossible to eat salsa”.

“That’s quite funny, calling papadam as Asian nachos,” a comment read.

One user shared, “I was at the farmer’s market once they were selling Lentil Biryani. It was Khichdi”.

So, what do you think of the “Asian nachos”? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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