Parathas Back To Your Winter Diet? Pair With This Punjabi Tomato Chutney For Added Flavours


With winter, several delicacies including parathas make their way back into our lives. Hot and crispy parathas, with a dollop of ghee on the top, taste so delicious. But what do you like pairing on the sides? Some would say achar, while some prefer fresh dahi mixed with sugar. If you ask us, our answer will be a freshly made tomato chutney. With a balance of sweetness and spiciness, the condiment adds a burst of flavour to your palate. In this article, we will introduce you to our favourite Punjabi tomato chutney recipe that is easy to make and versatile to the core.

What Makes Punjabi Tomato Chutney So Unique?

Usually, chutney is made by cooking tomato and other ingredients on heat and then mixed with different types of spices. But here, everything is raw and fresh, helping you with all the flavours of the dish. We also like roasting the tomato for some smokey goodness. All you need to know is, this chutney can’t be left unattended for long. We suggest making it fresh everything you plan to pair with your paratha or other dishes.
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Is Punjabi Tomato Chutney Healthy?

Apart from its distinct flavours, tomato is a rage among fitness enthusiasts, courtesy of its dense nutritional value. It is one of the richest sources of vitamin C and beta carotene, all of which support heart health. The vitamins B, and K and some essential minerals make it ideal to manage blood pressure levels and cholesterol, along with weight loss.

Punjabi Tomato Chutney Recipe | How To Make Punjabi Tomato Chutney:

The recipe is super simple. You need to first roast the tomatoes along with chillies and cloves. Then deskin the roasted tomato and pound with chillies and cloves. Always chop the tomatoes to pound them easily. Also, use a mortar pestle, not a mixer grinder to get the proper texture.

Next, add freshly chopped coriander leaves, mustard oil, salt, black salt and some sugar and mix everything. You can always adjust the flavours as per your palate. Click here for the detailed recipe.
Bonus tip: Besides pairing this chutney with rice, roti and paratha, you can also use it as spread on your toast or dip with roasted papad.
Prepare this versatile chutney for your next meal and enjoy!

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