Home HEALTH & FITNESS POV: When You See Pizza! Man Breaks Into Opera In A Restaurant, Surprises Everyone

POV: When You See Pizza! Man Breaks Into Opera In A Restaurant, Surprises Everyone

POV: When You See Pizza! Man Breaks Into Opera In A Restaurant, Surprises Everyone


Pizza evokes all kinds of emotions. How do you feel when you crave a fresh cheese-filled pizza and finally see it? Well, this man experienced an explosion of emotions and broke into opera singing, right in the middle of a restaurant! To the surprise of other people eating in the restaurant, the man kept on singing as he ate his pizza. It was all captured in a mobile video and was shared later on the internet. We spotted this video on a Reddit post, which has received around 11k upvotes as of now.

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As soon as the restaurant server serves food on the table, the man starts singing an opera song. People at other tables are startled at first but gradually start enjoying the performance. Indifferent to the attention, the man picks up his fork and knife and starts slicing his pizza while singing. As he raises his pitch and hits the high note, he also raises a pizza slice with the help of the fork. He finishes the routine with a higher note and receives a round of applause from the visitors as well as the staff of the restaurant.

Watch the video here:

POV: You’re an Opera singer in a restaurant
by u/LeSpatula in TikTokCringe

The Internet users are as amazed as the people in the restaurant are in the video. The post got thousands of comments. Some were really amused by the entire act. 

“I’d love to see him try this in a Waffle House.”

“Do you mean to end up working at a pizza restaurant?”

“This is beautiful. I’d love this if I was eating there.”

“He made the experience at the restaurant better.”

“It definitely went on longer than it should have but this is cute and people were entertained. At least he actually had a talent and it was relevant to Italian food so it was entertaining to me.”

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But some people did not take this act and commented:

“Even if it’s good it is still incredibly selfish and screams “ME ME ME” whether you have talent or not just sit down and eat.”

“Maybe it’s because I am an opera singer, but if I were minding my own business and someone burst into song in the middle of a restaurant, I’d be more annoyed than amused or impressed. Somehow I can go out with my singer friends and not subject an entire restaurant to Rigoletto, cameras or not.”

“I could tolerate it for a few seconds then I would start eating again.”

“He really ought to try to food first. It may not deserve this level of praise.”

We don’t know if the video was scripted and pre-planned but we can surely relate to the feeling of seeing our favourite pizza. Can you?


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