Punjab man kills daughter after night out, makes a big show of it | India News – Times of India


AMRITSAR: A father incensed at his 16-year-old daughter spending a night “in someone else’s house” allegedly murdered her in public and dragged her body, tied to his motorbike, around their village near Punjab‘s Amritsar to purportedly make an example of her.

A video of a bike dragging a body suspected to be of the victim has been circulating on social media. Separate footage from a CCTV shows the father dumping his daughter’s body on a railway track after the alleged honour killing, cops said.
The accused, arrested a day after witnesses reported the crime, said on being produced in court Friday that he didn’t want to be like other parents in the village who would at the most “confine their daughters” if they did something inappropriate. “I am a man of dignity,” said the man, who was in traditional Nihang attire. The father said he didn’t repent his act, saying it was meant to be a deterrent to other girls repeating what his daughter allegedly did. The court remanded him in police custody for a day.

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