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Raksha Bandhan 2023: 5 Nostalgic Foods To Make And Share With Your Sibling

Raksha Bandhan 2023: 5 Nostalgic Foods To Make And Share With Your Sibling


Raksha Bandhan 2023: Some food items automatically bring to mind simpler times – when we were younger, more carefree and rather less ‘health conscious.’ This Raksha Bandhan, why not take a trip down memory lane with your siblings? You can make some of these foods either for them or with them. Indulge in their yumminess together without guilt – just cherishing those memories of happy times. Each of us had our own favourite foods growing up, so it’s impossible to create a complete list. But to inspire you, we have put together 5 recipes for popular classics that are simple to make and undeniably enjoyable.
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Raksha Bandhan 2023: 5 Simple And Delicious Recipes That Will Take You Down Memory Lane:

1. Cheesy Maggi

As children, many of us have binged on lots of maggi – at home, at school (in tiffin) or at a favourite street stall. As we have grown older, we may have lost our taste for it, or given it up for health reasons. Well, Rakdha Bandhan may just be a good excuse to make it one more time and relish it with your sibling. For a fun twist, you can also add some cheese to it! Here’s the complete recipe.

2. Cheese Toast


Raksha Bandhan 2023: A quick cheese garlic toast on tawa is a simple treat that can remind you of childhood. Photo Credit: iStock

Yes, we’re not done with cheese yet. After all, it can so easily bring a smile to our faces. You can also bring cheer to your Raksha Bandhan celebrations with a delicious cheesy toast. This is a simple snack that requires just a handful of ingredients and can be cooked on a tawa. As one would say: even a child could make it! Here’s the full recipe.

3. French Fries

Did you used to fight with your siblings for the final French fry? Well, maybe that was just us! These crispy and salty potato fingers are a classic you can never go wrong with. This Raksha Bandhan, why not make fries at home and serve them as a ‘peace offering’ to your sibling? Even if you already get along well, we are sure they won’t say no to them. Click here for tips and a recipe to make perfect French fries at home.

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4. Butter Cookies

Tired of having mithai for Raksha Bandhan? Why not opt for some classic butter cookies instead? These are very easy to bake at home and just need 6 everyday ingredients. Light yet satisfying, they are sure to put anyone in a good mood. Moreover, you could also fill a jar with them and gift them to your sibling. A gift that’s homemade and yummy is nothing short of perfect. Find the complete recipe here

5. Quick Chocolate Cake


Raksha Bandhan 2023: Make a quick chocolate cake in a mug as a sweet surprise. Photo Credit: iStock

How can we talk about childhood indulgence and not mention chocolate cake? A bite of this decadent treat can be so comforting, it feels like a warm hug. And what better to offer to your beloved sibling? Since you probably won’t have much time, you can quickly bake a chocolate cake in a mug. It will take only 10-15 minutes. Remember, it has to be shared – so better to make a few and keep them ready in advance. Here’s the recipe.

What food do you remember sharing with your siblings as kids? Share your memories in the comments below.

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