Reddit User Has A Smoothie Disaster, See The Funniest Comments Here


We all have good and bad days in the kitchen. While on some occasions you can rustle up a feast in no time, there are also instances where things can go horribly wrong. And recently, a Redditor had a bad time in the kitchen and shared it with the world. In what can be best termed a “smoothie disaster”, the user shared an image that showed a blender stuck to the roof and a yellow-coloured smoothie strewn all over the kitchen counter and the wall. Along with the photo, the user who goes by the name “Basdeboer” wrote in the sub-Reddit r/therewasanattempt, “To make a smoothie.” Take a look:

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The kitchen disaster gave rise to hilarious banter in the comments section of the platform. One Redditor commented on the way the blender had fired to the roof and wrote, “It’s a nutribullet, alright.” Taking advantage of the obvious pun, one user wrote, “Things did not go quite smoothie-ly”.

Some even compared the spillage to art. A user with the handle “Alexrixhardson” said, “Even better: the kitchen is now also an art gallery. OP (original poster) should start selling tickets and get rich.” “Kinda looks like a cool paint job for the kitchen,” said another. “This could be million-dollar art for some pretentious folk,” read one comment.

One user even refused to believe it was a spilt drink. “Admit it. That’s an art exhibit,” their comment read. Spilt or not it sure looks like a smoothie, said a few others. “Well technically smoothie was made,” one Reddit user commented. “How nice of him to share it with… the wall,” said one Redditor on a light-hearted note.

Sympathising with the person who had to clean it all up, one user said, “That’s the kind of mess you just gotta walk away from for a few mins to compose yourself before cleaning up.” Some users also tried to decipher what could have caused the explosion. When one user asked, “What the hell happened here!” another user said, “They tried to blend something hot in a blender that’s fully enclosed, so when the air inside expanded, it created a lot of pressure.”

Seconding this, another user who goes by the handle “DistinctBam” said, “I was once trying to make a thick soup and blended the hot ingredients, veggies, cooked potatoes and the likes. I’m not gonna go into detail but let me tell you: High pressure and hot liquid aren’t fun when it’s sprayed all over your hands and face.”

Well, thanks to this disaster we know what not to do with a blender. Tell us what you think about the entire episode in the comments below!

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