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Savya Rasa: The New Restaurant With A Unique Blend Of South Indian Flavours, Spices And Indulgences

Savya Rasa: The New Restaurant With A Unique Blend Of South Indian Flavours, Spices And Indulgences


The year of the Coronavirus pandemic has left us with an incontrollable urge for a vacation. There are so many destinations which we have been adding to our bucket list, in the hope that we would visit them in the near future. What if we told you that it was possible to take a gastronomical trip across Southern India with just a single meal? Savya Rasa is an attempt in this very direction – to familiarise diners with the cuisines of the South and embark on a journey with the unique flavours, spices and indulgences of the region. The team has undertaken extensive research into the food from various states and cities – from Mysuru to Chettinad, Malabar to Manguluru and more. The new restaurant has recently opened up in the upcoming DLF Avenue mall in Saket, New Delhi. It’s warm, friendly interiors with artefacts and curios will instantly take you to a South Indian home.

Our meal at Savya Rasa started off with two different Rasam preparations – the Thengai Paal Rasam aka Tomato Rasam and the Pineapple Rasam. Both the delicate dishes were fulfilling, teasing our palate and left us craving more. Then came in the appetisers – all the four chef-selected dishes completely bowled us over. There was a classic Chutney Paniyaram and the Mangalorean-specialty Paneer Ghee Roast. Each spicy dish tantalised our taste buds.

We also tried the interesting Beetroot Gola Urundai – deep-fried balls made with beetroot – a popular snack in Chettinad households. The Pallipalayam Kalaan too was quite a unique mushroom preparation, made by pan-frying it with freshly ground masalas. The top picks for us out of the four starters was the Beetroot Urundai, bursting with unique flavours and addictive texture.

The main course had us spoilt for choice with an array of wonderful dishes to offer. The Appam with Vegetable Ishtew was comforting and light, with the coconut milk gravy soothing our soul from within. Next, we tried the flaky and chewy Malabari Parotta with a flavourful button mushroom curry called Kalaan Thirattal.

South Indian food lovers would also be delighted to sample the Neer Dosa paired with Kori Gassi curry – a sweet and sour preparation which was unlike any Dosa we had previously explored. A portion of our all-time favourite Biryani served with refreshing Coconut Raita is another highly recommended pick for main course when visiting the restaurant.

In desserts, we tried the Elaneer Payasam and  Karupatti Halwa– both melting into our mouth and bringing a sweet end to our meal. The beverage menu also had plenty to explore. The Nannari Sharbet and  Neer Moru both were chilled and ideal for a hot summer day. Freshly made Filter Kaapi with coconut sugar was the perfect drink to wash it all down and leave a memorable aftertaste.

If you are looking to explore the vast cuisines of the South, Savya Rasa is just the place to start. Their eclectic menu and impeccable food will make for a meal to remember that’ll keep you coming back for more.

What: Savya Rasa

Where: Shop 242, DLF Avenue, Saket, New Delhi

When: 12pm-9pm (Mon-Sat) and 12pm-3pm and 6pm-9pm (Sunday deliveries only)

Cost for two: Rs. 2,000/-


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