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Say Goodbye To Regular Toast! Try This South Indian Twist On Chilli Cheese Toast

Say Goodbye To Regular Toast! Try This South Indian Twist On Chilli Cheese Toast


A hearty toast always provides content for our hearts. And if it’s a chilli cheese toast, it provides even more. After all, who can resist the temptation of indulging in toast with cheese oozing from every bite? While we’ve all had the regular chilli cheese toast several times, have you ever tried one made with podi masala? It may sound surprising to you at first, but the results are quite incredible. This yummy toast makes for a perfect fusion snack when you feel like having something different. Whether it’s a quick evening snack or something to pack for your kids for tiffin, this recipe is definitely worth a try. Without further ado, let’s learn how to make it.
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What Is Cheese Podi Toast?

Cheese podi toast gives a unique twist to regular chilli cheese toast. The use of podi masala gives it an interesting South Indian flavour. There is cheese oozing out in every bite, and the green chillies add a kick of spice. Coriander leaves help add freshness to the toast and enhance its overall flavour.

What to Serve With Cheese Podi Toast?

If you’re wondering what to pair with this cheese podi toast, we suggest you opt for the classic pudina chutney. Its spicy flavour blends harmoniously with the toast. However, if you have less tolerance for spice, you can also choose to pair it with tomato ketchup.

Cheese Podi Toast Recipe | How to Make Cheese Podi Toast

This recipe for cheese podi toast was shared by an Instagram handle that goes by the name @globalvegproject. You just need a handful of ingredients to make this yummy toast. Start by mixing butter with podi masala, chopped garlic cloves, and a handful of coriander leaves. Mix well and spread it evenly over the bread slices. Top it with chopped green chillies and grated cheese. You could use regular cheese slices or mozzarella cheese for this. Now just toss it in the oven and bake at 180 degrees Celsius for around 10 to 15 minutes. Once done, top it with more coriander, cut it into slices, and enjoy! Your cheese podi toast is ready to be relished.
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Watch the Detailed Recipe Video Below:

Give this cheese podi toast a try and impress your family with your culinary skills. It will offer a pleasant change from the usual chilli cheese toast.

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