Serko announces contact tracing support in Zeno


Serko Limited announced the rollout of contact tracing support in Zeno, its next-generation booking tool. The capability supports contact tracing in countries where mandated, such as Australia. There, regulations requiring new mandatory manifest information for airlines have recently been introduced to mitigate COVID-19 community transmission from airline passenger movements across domestic borders.

How Zeno contact tracing support works:

  • When travelers make an airline booking that requires contact tracing information in Zeno, all applicable fields are now mandatory. 
  • Zeno populates this information as possible, pulling data from the traveler profile. 
  • Where information is incomplete, Zeno will prompt travelers to enter the required data before the booking can be confirmed. 
  • Once captured, Zeno sends this data to each GDS in the required standardized data format.

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