Home HEALTH & FITNESS Shilpa Shettys “Riyadh Diaries” Show A Delectable Breakfast Spread

Shilpa Shettys “Riyadh Diaries” Show A Delectable Breakfast Spread

Shilpa Shettys “Riyadh Diaries” Show A Delectable Breakfast Spread


Shilpa Shetty is a self-proclaimed foodie and no one can contest her claim. After all, the actress keeps us posted with foodie tales every now and then. Shilpa, who is currently in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is splashing photos of the good food that she is being served there.  She showed us a photo of her delicious breakfast today. What we saw left us craving. We noticed a plate of toasted bread and buns topped with eggs and a yellow creamy sauce. Herbs and cherry tomatoes also graced the plate. On another plate, we saw slices of cheese served with berries. Shilpa captioned the photo with the hashtags “breakfast girl” and “Riyadh diaries.”


Shilpa Shetty is a mindful eater and she makes food a part of her fitness goals. She has an enviable diet and her fans know it. But she does not keep the knowledge to herself. The actress shares about her healthy diet to benefit her followers too. Recently, she shared a post that emphasised the importance of properly chewing the food. She quoted the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and wrote that chewing food well could lead to 12% lesser calorie intake.

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But Shilpa Shetty’s healthy diet tips are not meant to be boring. She does not intend to stop herself from enjoying delectable and indulgent dishes in any way. Her Sunday binge often showcases decadent cheat day treats. From cakes to tarts and custards, the actress loves to fill her cheat days with everything sweet. The Bollywood fitness enthusiast easily balances her workout regime with her sweet cravings. Curious how she enjoys her cheat days? Read more about it here.

Given that Shilpa Shetty loves to indulge in delicious desserts sometimes, it would be a surprise if she did not celebrate her wedding anniversary with food. She rang in the celebration with a beautifully decorated chocolate cake. The cake was topped with blueberries and strawberry slices. Chocolate shavings and golden dust were also sprinkled over the decadent-looking cake. A tempered chocolate cake topper read “Happy Anniversary.” Read more about it here.


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