Shocking Or Not? Viral Video Of Making Of Salted Peanuts Clocks Over 1.2 Million Views


What are your favourite munching snacks? We are pretty sure salted roasted peanuts are definitely on the list. Warm, fresh out of the heat, crunchy and smoky peanuts are a delight. Indian streets have peanut vendors lined up all over the city, and the invigorating aroma of the peanuts roasting on high flame draws our attention immediately. In Gujarat, these salted peanuts are also called singdana. Now, a video of how these salted peanuts are prepared has gone viral on social media. The clip was shared on Instagram by food blogger Amar Sirohi. 

The video opens with a man emptying a large portion of peanuts in a mixer, next he throws a few buckets of water, followed by some white salt. The machine mixes the peanuts thoroughly. The next step is to roast them using sand (also called baalu). Peanuts, covered in salt water, are thrown in a mountain of grey sand and are roasted for a while. Once the roasting method is completed, they use a metal strainer to remove the sand from the peanuts. The peanuts are emptied into a jute bag and once again mixed thoroughly. The salted peanuts are ready to get sold in the market. “Shocking Singdana making of Gujarat,” read the text on the video, which has so far clocked over 1.2 million views. 

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In the caption, the YouTuber wrote, “This is how Salted Peanuts are made. Tag your chakhna lover friends.” “Shocking Singdana Making of Gujarat” was also written over the video. 

Reacting to the video, one of the Instagram users wrote, “Since I have started watching your videos … I have started eliminating many foods from my diet.” Another asked, “Why is everything made in unhealthy conditions? Is there no Health department in India that investigates any food processing?? This is utterly ridiculous..! Barefoot people throwing the food product on the ground/floor it’s all contaminated.” 

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But many found that the video was pretty normal and there was nothing “shocking” about it. 

“What is so shocking? All ’80s kids must have had popcorn or peanuts done in the sand. It’s the healthy option …and please stop categorising every locally-made food as unhygienic. Yahi sab kha ke bade huye hai aur tabhi immunity aajkal ke baccho se behtar hai abhi bhi (We have grown up eating all this food and our immunity continues to be stronger in comparison to today’s generation),” a comment read. 

“What is shocking about it? Being roasted in the sand (baalu) is normal in India,” a user stated. 

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