Shocking! Woman Scavenges Dumpsters To Find Huge Amount Of Food To Feed Her Community; Amuses Reddit


As we open the fridge door, we carefully navigate our hands to avoid that one orange that has been there a little too long; those 2 slices of bread that look a little stale or that slightly bendy carrot that you got last week. We look for fresh ingredients and prepare ourselves a meal, and those food items that you left behind in the fridge? They rot, until they need to be thrown away! Which we do, in a guilt-free way. But multiply these wastages by 30 days a month and you might have thrown away enough food to feed a homeless family. Recently, a video surfaced on Reddit of a woman trying to deal with this problem of food wastage.

The video was posted on Reddit handle r/Damnthatsintresting, where it has received 8526 up votes and 904 comments and these numbers are increasing by the minute. In the 3:30 sec clip, the woman can be seen jumping into big dumpsters and looking for food, she gets this food home, cleans it and shares it with her community, who look more than happy to be provided with the meal of the day. The amount of food that this lady finds in the dumpsters is staggeringly huge, from multiples packets of cherries to dozens of over ripe bananas and even a whole bunch of potatoes. Concerned about the hygiene? The lady washes and separates good and bad food before cooking or storing them. What we can understand from the comment section is that these dumpsters are probably placed near big corporations or malls that have a habit of throwing away large quantities of food as they start getting even a little bad. Look at the video here:

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What’s even more heart breaking is the fact that this is not an entirely uncommon practice. In fact, many people in the comments section, who were previous employees or big corporations or food chains, agree to have thrown away similar quantities of food into garbage bins.

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Do you think the corporation could find a better way to dispose these foods? Let us know your views in the comments below.

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