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“So Much Drama”: Viral Video Shows Bizarre Recipe Of Dum Ki Chai

“So Much Drama”: Viral Video Shows Bizarre Recipe Of Dum Ki Chai


For many of us, a cup of hot tea is the first thing we need in the morning. It is one of the most popular drinks around the world and continues to rule our hearts. The aroma of freshly brewed tea has the ability to lift anyone’s mood. Besides its deliciousness, tea has earned worldwide popularity because it is easy to make. All you need is a handful of ingredients. The recipe for classic tea hasn’t changed much all these years. However, some people are always willing to put their creativity to use and prepare something innovative. This time, a video has come to light that shows a person preparing “dum ki chai”.  

While it may sound delicious, the excessively lengthy process to make the tea has not gone down well with many on the Internet.

In the clip, shared on Instagram, a person first takes some water in a steel glass, covers it with a cloth and places tea leaves, sugar and other spices on it. The glass then goes into a pressure cooker, where it is boiled for a few minutes. Once the water in the glass is infused with all the flavours, the person pours it into milk and boils the tea before serving.

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The clip has collected more than 10 million views on the platform and has drawn a flurry of reactions from users.

Many were of the opinion that the easy process of making tea was made unnecessarily difficult.

“If you add rice, onion and chicken it will become biryani tea,” a person joked. Another user said, “There is an age-old saying- do not reinvent the wheel. This video proves it.”

Some even tried out the recipe. One person wrote, “I tried it and tasted disgusting”. Another comment read, “So much drama in making tea.. I think rather than trying this recipe I would better to leave tea”.

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