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Spice Up Your Food: Surprising Health Benefits Of Spicy Food You Should Know

Spice Up Your Food: Surprising Health Benefits Of Spicy Food You Should Know


Our desi palate can take any amount of heat in our food. We have grown up eating spicy food and it’s hardly ever too much to handle. We risk burning our tongue, struggling with gas, crying over skin breakouts, and worse, dealing with loose motions. But does that ever stop us from picking that plate of spicy snacks? No, even with raised eyebrows from our loved ones, we’ll go ahead. And today, we are giving you more reasons to spice up your food without any qualms. Surprise, surprise! Did you know that spicy food can actually be good for you!? 

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Is spicy food good for health? What happens when you eat spicy food? 

We get our spice from chilli peppers like green chillies, red chillies, jalapenos etc – and all of them contain capsaicin, which is responsible for all the problems that occur after eating spicy food. But this same compound is also credited for a host of benefits that it provides us. We bet you want to know what they are. Keep reading.  

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Chillies can benefit your health in many ways. 
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Here’re Some Health Benefits Of Eating Spicy Food:

1. Boosts Immunity: 

According to the United States Department Of Agriculture (USDA), both green and red peppers offer a range of vitamins, including vitamin C, which helps strengthen the immune system to stave off common illnesses. 

2. Aids Weight Loss: 

Nutritionist Anshul Jaibharat reveals, “Spicy food rev up metabolism and helps in burning fat faster.” Also, spice increases the satiety level in the body, preventing you from binge eating. Imagine enjoying masaledaar food without counting calories!  

3. Subsides Body Pain 

Capsaicin is known to reduce the body’s supply of neurotransmitters called Substance P, which is responsible for sending pain signals to the brain. While your tongue is tingling from the heat of the food, you might get relief from other aches in the body. 

4. Good For Heart 

It’s true that excessive spice may lead to heartburn from acidity, but it actually can do more good to your heart. Capsaicin is known to lower the level of bad cholesterol (LDL) and also reduces cholesterol in the body. It also helps fight inflammation, which reduces the risk of a heart attack.   

5. Boosts Mood 

Spicy food always makes us happy. Actually, there’s a scientific reason behind it. Spicy serotonin, which is a feel-good hormone, uplifts, boosts and beats stress and depression.  

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Next time anyone questions you about eating spicy foods, give them your own reasons and enlighten them with this information.  


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