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Summer Special: Beat The Heat With These 5 Stomach Cooling Foods

Summer Special: Beat The Heat With These 5 Stomach Cooling Foods


With rising temperatures, our energy levels seem to dip. We feel fatigued and lazy, because the water content in our bodies tends to decrease. The scorching heat bothers us to a point where we feel excessively dehydrated. So, it is extremely important to drink enough water and keep ourselves hydrated. Besides water, there are plenty of fruits and vegetables that contain high level of water content and have stomach cooling properties. Incorporating them in our daily diet can be extremely beneficial to build our gut health. This is why it is wise to change our eating pattern or diet according to the season. Cooling foods with high water content are best eaten during summers, as they help to cut the heat and keep our digestive health intact.

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1. Yogurt or Curd

Probiotics are an important component for gut health, which is also connected to our digestive health. Most of the dairy products like milk, cheese, etc. contain probiotics, however these are more difficult to digest. Instead of these foods, just add curd or yogurt in your everyday diet. Have it at least once a day to keep your stomach cool on hot summer days. You can make vegetable raita or yogurt-based smoothies, mixed with your choice of you fruits and veggies.


Yogurt bowls are a good way of having yogurt. Photo Credit: istock

2. Watermelon

In the summer, fruit markets are loaded with watermelons. This juicy fruit has high level of water content, which makes it among one of the best foods to consume in summers. Keep the watermelon in refrigerator before you eat, this will make it more cool and refreshing. Apart from it, you can also make water melon slush or smoothie, with lemon and mint leaves. Sip on your drink and relax.

3. Oat Bran

Oat bran contains more fiber than oat meal, which is beneficial for our digestive health. It consists of both soluble and insoluble fiber, which makes it a gut friendly food. Oat bran is packed with minerals and vitamins that improve the digestive health. This is why one should use oat bran flour or eat foods made from oat bran during summers.

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4. Herb Infused Drinks

Tired of having water all day long to keep yourself hydrated? Worry not, with a simple twist you can make water flavourful naturally. Herbs like spearmint, peppermint, and lemongrass have cooling elements. Infusing these with water will make a healthy drink. All you have to do is, take a jar full of water, add mint leaves and lemon juice. You can also add slices of fruits of your choice. Mix it well and let it sit for some time so that the water absorbs all the flavours. Keep it aside and have it all day.


Lemonade is the best to have during summers Photo Credit: istock

5. Cucumber

If you’re craving for a quick snack on a hot summer day, then cucumber is the best food to eat. This must sound boring but you can make healthy salads and quick bites with cool-juicy cucumbers. Just chop the cucumber, add in some seeds and nuts, and drizzle lemon juice to add to tanginess.

These are some basic foods you can add to your diet. In case, you are facing major digestive problems, it’s best suggested to consult a doctor.

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