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Switching To Salads For Weight Loss? Take Note Of These Tips

Switching To Salads For Weight Loss? Take Note Of These Tips


Whenever we embark on a weight loss diet, we tend to make drastic changes in our diet. Most of us make salads a major part of our diet, as it is a known low-calorie meal. But what about balanced nutrition that our body needs? You might be one of those who have switched to salads but still don’t see their weighing scale tipping to the lower side. Weight loss diet need not to be extreme. It should be a healthy mix of various nutrients to keep our body healthy and agile. Health expert Nidhi S shares some diet tips to keep in mind before making huge changes to our diet. 

Most of us fear weight loss diet, thinking that we need to let go of our favourite foods and get stuck with only boring foods. But it really is just a myth. You can have tasty foods too in your weight diet. It’s all about striking the right balance. 

Nidhi S suggests these three tips before formulating your weight loss diet. “It is not about making too many changes in your diet but about: Understanding the right proportions, adding variety for better nutrition, and having right feelings towards the food you eat, she adds.”

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She further talks about having salads for weight loss. “Even if you are eating salad, you might not lose weight. This is because of the feeling you have towards that food. Food which is consumed without right feelings will not get well digested in your gut. Your psychology plays a role in the digestion of food. On the other hand, if you consume a little rice which is your favourite food, it might not cause any harm and even with a small quantity, you will be satiated.”

Doesn’t this gives us all relief? It’s so important to eat with your heart, and only then you’ll reap the benefits of the food you are consuming. Eat healthy and stay fit. 

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