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Team Of Cooks Prepares Food For Trapped Workers Amid Uttarkashi Tunnel Rescue

Team Of Cooks Prepares Food For Trapped Workers Amid Uttarkashi Tunnel Rescue


Team Of Cooks Prepares Food For Trapped Workers Amid Uttarkashi Tunnel Rescue

Breakfast being prepared for the workers trapped inside the Uttarkashi tunnel.

Uttarkashi (Uttarakhand):

A morning meal was prepared for the workers who have been trapped in a tunnel in Silkyara, Uttarkashi for 10 days.

The food will be pushed through the six-inch-wide pipeline that was pushed earlier on Monday through the rubble of the collapsed portion.

Teams of cooks are involved in the preparation of the breakfast for the trapped workers.

Speaking about the prepared food items, one of the cooks told ANI that ‘Aloo-Chana Dal’ has been prepared, and ‘Khichdi’ and ‘Daliya’ are also among the options that will be sent as per the instructions given to them. He also said that they will also be making ‘Puri’ later on.

Earlier, on Monday, hot Khichdi was sent through this 6-inch pipeline to the stranded workers for the first time since they were trapped.

On November 12, it was reported that a collapse occurred in an under-construction tunnel from Silkyara to Barkot due to a muck falling in the 60-metre stretch on the Silkyara side of the tunnel, trapping 41 labourers. As per the government, the labourers are trapped in the 2 km-built tunnel portion, which is complete including concrete work that provides safety to the workers.

After yesterday’s breakthrough of the 6-inch pipeline, the horizontal boring by National Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (NHIDCL) from Silkyara end for the rescue of workers through the Augur boring machine will be recommenced in the coming time.

The International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association president, Arnold Dix, also arrived at the location site in Silkyara on Monday to aid in the rescue efforts and expressed optimism on the prospects of rescue and relief operations that are underway.

After inspecting the tunnel as well as the area above it from where the vertical drilling operation will commence, Professor Dix seemed optimistic about the rescue operation.

“It is looking good but we have to decide whether it’s good or a trap because it’s looking very positive. I have got the best experts for this Himalayan geology here, I’m just one” Professor Dix said.

Earlier in the day, rescue operation in-charge Colonel Deepak Patil said that although their ‘main challenge’ is evacuating trapped men through 900 mm pipe, which will be attempted later, the food, mobiles, and chargers will be sent inside the tunnel through the 6-inch lifeline.

On what food items will be sent to trapped labourers, he said that keeping in mind the condition of the labourers, a list has been prepared with the help of doctors on available food options.

“We are bringing plastic cylindrical bottles with wide mouths so that we can send bananas, apples, Khichdi, and Daliya,” he added.

Rescuers filled Khichdi in cylindrical bottles to be sent to the stranded workers.

Meanwhile, Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami said that the work of evacuating the workers trapped is going on at a fast pace and if during this period, any relative of the trapped persons arrives at the site, the government will make arrangements for their travel, accommodation and food.

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