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This Drool-Worthy Hot & Sour Soup Will Please Your Taste Buds This Season

This Drool-Worthy Hot & Sour Soup Will Please Your Taste Buds This Season


The winter season and steaming hot soups go hand in hand. Don’t you agree? It’s difficult to imagine winter without diving into comforting bowls of soup. Apart from the much-needed warmth, the flavourful broths are healthy and loaded with nutrition. Soups also work like magic in this weather when your body is prone to seasonal infections. Do you love hot and sour soup that’s made with a whole lot of vegetables? Chef Guntas Sethi has shared a recipe for this soup on Instagram and now, it’s your turn to give it a try at home. In the caption, she wrote, “It’s that time of the year when you want to cosy in and enjoy a bowl of a hot hot soup! This bowl of hot and sour soup with veggies is packed with nutrition and flavour and is all things delish!”

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Remember, for this yummy soup, you will mainly need cabbage, beans, mushrooms, carrot, broccoli, celery, coriander stem, bell pepper, garlic, chilli and ginger. Chop all the vegetables in the same size to ensure a good bite in every sip. Just saute a little bit of ginger and garlic in hot oil and throw in chopped vegetables one by one. Add water or vegetable stock and let the vegetables cook properly. Add spices followed by sauces and let it cook for a while. If you want to convert this soup into a light meal or make it more filling, you can do that too. According to the chef, you can add a block of tofu or chicken, introducing more flavour to it.  

Looking for more soups to comfort your soul this winter season? Chef Guntas Sethi has answers. Previously, she dropped a delightful recipe for mouth-watering Laksa noodle soup. For the caption, she wrote, “And this is just the perfect time to whip up a warm bowl of spicy, coconuty goodness. This Malaysian noodle broth is surprisingly vegan and just as delicious as it can get, with the tanginess from lime, freshness from coriander sprigs with some zest from the lemongrass.”

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For this soup, you can make a paste using shallots, garlic cloves, lemongrass stalk (white part chopped), roughly sliced ginger, red chillies, fresh turmeric, coriander powder, cumin powder, water and Kashmiri red chilli paste. 

You can saute it in a pan to deepen the flavour. Add vegetables including diced carrots, mushrooms, and chopped baby corn. Use vegetable stock, soy sauce, coconut milk, coconut sugar and chilli oil and added tofu and basil leaves. Boil the noodles separately and keep it aside. 

For serving, assemble the noodles in a bowl and pour the prepared soup on it. Garnish it with sprouts, coriander leaves and red chillies and you are good to go.   

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