This Latest Post On Home And Comfort Food Is Oh-So-Relatable


When we crave comfort, our thoughts naturally gravitate towards two things—home and food. After a long day, there is nothing quite as beautiful as returning home to unwind with a cup of tea in hand and settling into a chair on the balcony. Regardless of where we may travel in the world, the solace of our own space and the warmth of a home-cooked meal are indescribable pleasures. Influencer and adman Freddy Birdy recently shared a note on his Instagram timeline that was a homage to the power and warmth of home and food. After reading his note, it is safe to say that you will find it incredibly relatable.

In his post, he wrote, “The most warm and welcoming word in the world might be ‘home.’ You might think of home as a city, a neighbourhood, a coffee shop or a person. Home is the smell of an evening meal cooking, leftovers in the fridge, books leaning on each other comfortably, like old friends. That’s why the expression is ‘home sweet home.’ Nobody says ‘office sweet office.’ Homes are the opposite of Monday mornings. Homes are Sunday afternoons, lazy naps, unexpected doorbells, emptying rum bottles, padding around in track pants, and reaching for ice from the freezer. Homes are familiar dips in mattresses, your favourite coffee cup and a crow at your windowsill who knows your exact coffee minute. Home is safety, warmth, loving arms, dals simmering, rice pressure-cooking, the sound of laughter, a cocoon, a refuge, a fortress, a haven. Sometimes we are lucky to find all of those qualities in a person. And then suddenly we are home again.”

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Take a look at the note below:

Sharing their thoughts, several users said that they related to Freddy Birdy’s post.

A user wrote, “So beautifully expressed !!! Bless you, and your words.”

Another one added, “Back in India from Australia…Your post makes it so special.”

“This just made my morning. Every word described here is so apt. How are you so magical?” read a comment.

Someone penned, “Wow woww …Sitting in the office on Friday morning took me back to my home…That’s the power when you write.”

A fan wrote, “You truly have the gift of words. You paint our imaginations waking up senses of sight and smell with your beautiful words. I don’t know if you have a novel already that you have written. Would love to dive into it.”

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