Home HEALTH & FITNESS This Woman Refused To Pay For Her Boyfriends Food. Heres Why

This Woman Refused To Pay For Her Boyfriends Food. Heres Why

This Woman Refused To Pay For Her Boyfriends Food. Heres Why


We all have that one friend who loves to take pictures of food, especially if the platter has an eye-pleasing presentation. But what if someone purposely messes up with the presentation seconds after the dish hits the table? Something similar happened with this woman, who loves to try new restaurants and click snaps of the dishes, after she went out with her boyfriend for a dinner date. Annoyed by his behaviour, the woman refused to pay the bill for her boyfriend’s indulgences. Sharing the whole incident on Reddit, the woman asked whether or not her decision was right.
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“I have an Instagram account dedicated to photos and short videos of food from local restaurants in my city. I don’t turn meals into a whole photoshoot production when I go out, but I like to snap a few photos of everything as it comes out,” she started. The woman shares that she prefers to do this with her foodie girls because her boyfriend “hates it.” She further mentioned how her boyfriend would go out of his way to take a big bite of food or mess up his plate with a fork before she could take any pictures. “He rolls his eyes when I take pictures of my own food, so I pretty much stopped bothering him when we went out together,” she added.


As money has been tight lately because of some medical bills, the woman says that she hasn’t been able to go out to eat with her foodie friends, and the infrequent dates with her boyfriend are the only chance she gets to eat out. To be on mutual ground, the lady sat with her boyfriend and had a conversation about how he should just let her enjoy things, and they even arrived at a consensus. “I told him I was going to take pictures of my own food when we went out, and could he please just not be immature about it?” And since we alternate who pays for dates, I told him I would appreciate it if he could spare the 30 seconds for me to snap a pic of the appetiser + his meal on nights that I was paying, and I got a sort of half-hearted “do whatever you want” confirmation,” she said.
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On one of their dinner dates, when the girlfriend had to pay, he allowed her to take a picture of the appetiser with minimal fussing. But when the entrees came out and she went to snap a picture of his meal, he messed it up with a fork. This was not it. The man reached over and even stirred up his girlfriend’s pasta in order to ruin the photo of her meal as well. Disappointed with his behaviour, the woman shared that she “refused to pay his half at the end of the meal”, which in turn pissed him off, as he wouldn’t have ordered a cocktail if he knew that she was going to skip her turn. “He says I owe him one because I don’t get to just decide not to pay according to our agreement after we’ve already ordered,” she concluded the post.

AITA for refusing to pay for my boyfriend’s food after he ruined my food photos?
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People have extended their support to the woman, urging her to dump her boyfriend as he has no respect for her hobbies.


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