Try This 10-Minute Instant Dal Recipe To Satisfy Your Cravings ASAP


Enter any Indian kitchen, and you are likely to find dal being cooked for at least one meal of the day. Such is the popularity and love the humble food enjoys in our country. The fact it is available in so many varieties helps its case. Not to forget how healthy and rich in protein all dals are. But there is just one tiny problem – it takes a considerable amount of time to make. From soaking the dal in water to letting it cook in a pressure cooker, you need patience to have it ready in time. But what about those days when you have no time? Use pre-made instant dal dry mix!
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Whether you have a busy day, live in a hostel or even when you are travelling, this instant dal fry mix comes in handy to give you delicious home-cooked dal in minutes. In the world of busy schedules and fast-paced lives, finding time to prepare a nutritious and delicious meal can sometimes be a challenge. the Instant Dal Fry Mixture can be a game-changer for anyone craving a hearty bowl of dal without the long cooking process

The Instant Dal Fry Mixture Solution: 

Imagine having all the ingredients you need for a delicious dal right at your fingertips. That’s exactly what the Instant Dal Fry Mixture offers – convenience without compromising on taste. This ready-to-use mixture is a blend of pre-cooked lentils, spices, and seasonings that mimic the flavours of traditional dal. All you need to do is boil it with tomatoes (or without) and enjoy a meal that is both satisfying and tasty. The recipe for Instant Dal Fry Mix was shared by chef Neha Deepak Shah on her Instagram handle. Let’s take a look at the recipe.
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How To Make Instant Dal Fry Mix I Instant Dal Fry Mix Recipe: 

Wash and dry the dal or a combination of your favourite dals. Roast the dal properly and let it cool down. Then grind to make dal powder. The next step is to saute the powder in oil with spice powders, whole spices, dried onion, ginger et al. Mix well and store in an airtight container. 

Enjoying Your Instant Dal: 

When you need to make the dal, just boil the mix in water along with the tomatoes. Once done, garnish with lemon juice and fresh coriander leaves for that kick of freshness, and your delicious dal is ready. Serve it with rice, roti or any bread.  

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