Twitter User Complains Airline Crew Snatched 3-Year-Old Nephews Snack Box


Airline food has gained a reputation for being too bland or tasteless for quite some time. In light of this, people often carry their own food along with them during their flights. However, what would your reaction be if someone snatched away your food and did not let you eat it? This was exactly the bizarre incident that happened on an airplane recently. Twitter user Dara Braddock @dynamicallydara stated that she was on a plane with her three-year-old nephew when someone from the airline crew snatched his snack box without any explanation. Take a look:

Disclaimer: NDTV does not vouch for the claims in the post by the Twitter user.

“Flew American Air today with a 3-year-old and his snack box of unwrapped food. A flight attendant walked by, snatched it without asking and took it to show a friend seated near the front of the plane. [It] was gone several minutes. I had to throw it all out. I’m incensed! Contacting corporate,” she wrote in the tweet.
In the picture, we could see multiple snacks intended for kids including biscuits, protein bars, fruit loops and a peanut butter and jam sandwich.
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Dara Braddock narrated the incident on her Twitter timeline. It happened last Friday when she was flying from St. Louis Airport to Dallas with her three-year-old nephew. While clearing the trash, the airport crew member also took away the snack tray of the toddler. She claimed she wanted to ‘show’ the box to a new grandmother in the front row of the plane. “She and my nephew’s food were gone for several minutes, out of my view. I have no idea who or what his food was exposed to while out of my sight & had to throw it all away when she finally returned with it,” she said in the thread.
Meanwhile, the airline, American Air, shared a response to the complaint by Dara Braddock. “What an adorable snack box! Our apology that the crew member took it from you without asking first,” read their tweet. Take a look:

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