Ultimate Guide To Oranges: 5 Different Varieties In India You Must Try


Whenever we crave something citrusy, an orange is what we usually reach out for. Its sweet and tangy taste satisfies our cravings in no time. It also makes its way through several desserts and beverages. In India, you’ll find several different varieties of oranges, each with its own unique characteristics. Some have a more vibrant orange hue, while others are more sweet, or their size may vary. And when shopping for them, it can become quite confusing as to which one to buy. As the winter season is here, oranges are going to make their way to the kitchen once again. So, before you head out shopping for them, let’s take you through some popular varieties which you should know about.
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Here Are 5 Of The Most Popular Orange Varieties In India:

1. Nagpur:

This variety of orange hails from the city of Nagpur, Maharashtra. It is often touted as the ‘king of oranges’ and is among the most popular in the country. They are celebrated for their vibrant orange colour, rich quality, and exceptional sweetness. The best part about them is that they are seedless, which makes them convenient for snacking. All these factors combined make them one of the most sought-after orange varieties found in India.

2. Kinnow:

Another popular variety of oranges you’ll find in India is kinnow. They are predominantly grown in the states of Punjab and Haryana during the winter months. The chilly weather provides the perfect climatic conditions for their cultivation. Kinnow oranges have a sweet and tangy taste and are best enjoyed in the form of juice. You can make it fresh at home or even enjoy it from vendors selling it in different parts of the city.

3. Coorg:

Not just North India, but even the southern part of the country has its own unique variety of oranges. Also known as Coorg mandarin, they originate from the Coorg region of Karnataka. These oranges are relatively smaller in size as compared to other varieties. But don’t go by their size, as they are quite juicy and also have a delightful aroma. This makes them a preferred choice for making jams, preserves, and marmalades.

4. Mudkhed:

Apart from Nagpur oranges, mudkhed oranges are also quite popular in Maharashtra. They get their name from a region in the state where they are cultivated. These oranges are typically medium-sized in shape and have a vibrant orange hue. They are visually appealing and also have juicy and succulent flesh. You can enjoy them in the form of a flavourful juice or even as a refreshing snack. Either way, you’re going to love its taste.
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5. Khasi Blood:

Khasi blood oranges hail from the northeastern region of India. They are quite unique due to the striking difference in their colour. If you’re wondering why they’re referred to as ‘blood’. It’s because their colour is quite similar, as they have a deep red hue. They are prized for their sweet and tangy flavour as well as their visual appeal. Khasi blood oranges are great for adding colour to dishes, salads, and drinks.

Oranges are best enjoyed during the winter season. Try all these different varieties, and let us know which one you liked the most in the comments below.

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