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Unleash Your Inner Chef: 7 Irresistible Modak Recipes With A MILKMAID Twist!

Unleash Your Inner Chef: 7 Irresistible Modak Recipes With A MILKMAID Twist!


The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is just around the corner and the excitement is already running high. Ganesh Chaturthi is a festival that fills the air with joy and the aroma of delectable sweets. It usually spans ten days, during which people decorate their homes and public spaces with colourful decorations and intricate clay idols of Lord Ganesha. It’s a time for prayers, music, dance, and most importantly, indulging in delicious sweets, with modaks stealing the show.   

Modaks: The Beloved Treat Of Lord Ganesha  

The sight of modaks being served everywhere, even in our homes, makes the festival even more special. It is said that these sweet dumplings are Lord Ganesha’s favourite treat, making them an integral part of the festivities. Traditionally, modaks are made with rice flour dough and filled with a mixture of jaggery and coconut. Some even use a mixture of khoya or mawa and coconut. They are then steamed or fried to perfection. Apart from the traditional modaks, there are many variations that you can try, which will brighten up the festivities even more. This is where MILKMAID steps in to help us keep up the festive fervour. 
This creamy, condensed milk is not just a time-saver but also adds a rich and luscious flavour to your modaks and other festive treats. Plus, it’s incredibly versatile, allowing you to experiment with a variety of mithais, desserts, cakes, puddings and more.
To add to the fun, MILKMAID has curated some innovative modak recipes to bring great flavours and colours to your feast. MILKMAID joined hands with Chef Ranveer Brar to bring you simple and indulgent modak recipes, that too with the twist of experimental flavours which are sure to be a hit among your loved ones. The chef let us in on a secret – mawa and khoya can easily be replaced with MILKMAID to get the perfect taste and binding in recipes. The best part? It saves a lot of time and these modaks are ready in just 10 minutes! We have every reason to make MILKMAID an indispensable part of our Ganesh Chaturthi festivities and create these special modak recipes.

Chocolate Modak - MILKMAID

Chocolate Modak – MILKMAID

Here are some of our top picks from the Milkmaid modak repertoire: 

Choco Nutty Modak  

Chocolate-flavoured treats are always welcome. And choco nutty modak with the richness of chocolate enhanced by the crunchiness of nuts feels just right for our Ganesh Chaturthi bhog.   

Red Velvet Modak  

Express your love for your favourite red velvet cake and cupcakes through modaks this festive season. The bright red colour will make your modaks pop with vibrant hue and flavour. Paint your celebrations red with this red velvet modak. 

Rose Modak  

The essence of rose makes any dessert more delectable. This rose modak is no different. With the help of velvety MILKMAID condensed milk, your modak will turn out perfect for the bhog offering as well as a family feast.   

Coconut rose modak - MILKMAID

Coconut rose modak – MILKMAID

Toffee Modak 

Lure your kids into digging into this modak with the sweet spin of caramel toffee flavour. With a melted white chocolate drizzle, the dessert is as visually appealing as it is mouth-watering.   

Toffee Modak - MILKMAID

Toffee Modak – MILKMAID

Mithai Modak  

Mithai – the name is enough to have us salivating. This mithai-flavoured modak is the ideal preparation for your festive gathering.  

Oats Modak  

Bring wellness into your festivities by infusing the goodness of oats in your modak. The nutty flavour will level it up a notch and no one will know that you snuck in some healthy goodness.  

Mawa Modak  

A classic Maharashtrian speciality – mawa modak is on everyone’s wishlist. It’s simple, rich and creamy – just the way we like it. This one is a must-have in your Ganesh Chaturthi platter.

Mawa Modak - MILKMAID

Mawa Modak – MILKMAID

Find these special modak recipes and 100+ other dessert recipes by MILKMAID here.  

Why MILKMAID Is The Best Choice For Making Indian Desserts  

Indian desserts are traditionally a labour of love and patience. From home chefs to homemakers and working professionals, MILKMAID has been that one trusty companion in Indian kitchens, which saves a lot of time and yet adds a signature taste, texture and finesse to homemade desserts. The creamy and luscious condensed milk offers a velvety richness to the desserts with a fraction of the effort. The versatility and range of desserts that can be made with MILKMAID knows no bounds, and it is often the secret ingredient that elevates your dessert game to the next level, making them irresistible! And, of course, there’s the nostalgia of MILKMAID, eating it straight out of the can, and the very first foray into the world of dessert-making with it.
But coming back to Ganesh Chaturthi, it is not just about offering sweets to the deity but also about sharing the love and sweetness of life with family and friends. So, whip up a batch of your favourite MILKMAID Modaks, share the love, and savour every bite of this wonderful festival. 


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