US Mother Left Shocked After Discovering Box Cutter Inside Daughter’s McDonald’s Happy Meal


Stopping by a McDonald’s outlet to grab a treat is one of the most exciting things, especially for kids. The aroma of the delicious burgers triggers our hunger the moment we enter the restaurant and we instantly start scouring the menu.  For kids, it is not just the wraps, burgers, nuggets, and cold drinks that bring joy as their eyes are locked on the Happy Meal. While the meal consists of some treats like a beverage and chicken nuggets, it is the toy in the pack that’s exciting for them. A child in Michigan, US, too was expecting a fascinating toy when her mother bought a McDonald’s Happy Meal for her. But her meal did not turn out to be that “happy” as instead of a toy she received a pen and a box cutter inside it.

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This child’s mother, in a Facebook post, expressed shock over finding the box cutter inside the Happy Meal.  “You hear of things like this, but never did I think it truly could happen. The amount of worry and rage that went through me – I have never experienced,” the post read.

The mother wrote that she was worried that her 2-year-old child would have opened the meal. “What if it wasn’t Eliana or Ava and the next kid who was going to eat in the car and play with that?” she asked.

Sharing pictures of a yellow colour box cutter and a pen, the mother demanded an answer from McDonald’s asking how “a box cutter ended up in the bottom of our daughter’s Happy Meal”.

She added, “Simply saying, a happy meal box is your “catch-all” and someone must’ve accidentally grabbed that one is not the answer I want”.

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This was not the first time someone found unusual items inside their McDonald’s Happy Meal. Last month, another woman from the US reported a similar incident where she discovered a yellow box cutter inside her daughter’s Happy Meal.  

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