Home HEALTH & FITNESS Vande Bharat Passenger Raises Complaint Of “Fungus” In Yoghurt; Railways Responds

Vande Bharat Passenger Raises Complaint Of “Fungus” In Yoghurt; Railways Responds

Vande Bharat Passenger Raises Complaint Of “Fungus” In Yoghurt; Railways Responds


Vande Bharat Express has caught the internet’s attention over the quality of the food being served. A passenger posted on X (formerly Twitter), claiming he was served “fungus” infested curd with his meal. According to the post, the passenger named Harshad Topkar, was travelling in Vande Bharat from Dehradun to Anand Vihar. Taking to his X handle, the passenger shared three pictures of his meal. In the pictures, we can see a packed juice box kept next to half-eaten poori, ketchup sachets and a few packed dishes. The picture shows a tub of mango-flavoured yoghurt with a greenish-white lump sitting on top of it. Along with the pictures, the user wrote, “Travelling to Vande Bharat from Dehradun to Anand Vihar in the executive class today. Found a greenish layer most probably fungus in the Amul yoghurt served. This is not expected from the Vande Bharat service.”

Soon after the post went viral, the official X page of the Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) issued an apology note in the comments section. IRCTC wrote, “Sir, our sincere apology for the inconvenience caused. The matter was immediately attended to by the onboard supervisor who replaced the curd immediately. Further, the curd pack was within the expiry date. The issue is being raised with the manufacturer.”

The X page of Railway Seva urged the passenger to share his PNR number and phone number in the direct message so that appropriate actions can be taken. Railway Seva commented, “Sir, kindly share PNR and mobile number preferably in Direct Message (DM) – IRCTC Official.”

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This isn’t the first time that Vande Bharat has made headlines over its quality of food. Earlier in January this year, a passenger named Akash Keshari shared a video and a picture from inside the Vande Bharat travelling from New Delhi to Varanasi. The video posted on X showed the passengers asking the train staff to take away the meal tray, as the food served to them was stale. Akash, disappointed over the quality of the food, shared a note and asked for a return. The text along with the video and the picture read, “Hi sir I am on a journey with 22416 from NDLS to BSB. The food that was served now is smelling and very poor food quality. Kindly refund all my money… These vendors are spoiling the brand name of Vande Bharat Express.”

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The official X page of IRCTC acknowledged the complaints and wrote an apology in the comments section. Read here to know more.


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