Vicky Kaushal Is Bingeing On “Yummiest Healthy Things”; Find Out What


We love how Vicky Kaushal keeps giving us glimpses of his food indulgences. Just a few days ago, he admitted to stealing snacks from his brother Sunny Kaushal’s stash, and we could totally relate to the bittersweet sibling rivalry. While we often see Vicky Kaushal pleasing his appetite with guilt-ridden foods, today, he took a turn to healthy eating but not without good taste. If we get yummy foods that are also healthy, we would we complain, right? And Vicky Kaushal is having something that is, in his words, “yummiest healthy things to binge on.” Want to know what it is? Keep reading. 

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Vicky Kaushal is bingeing on some healthy cookies that look every bit delicious. He posted a picture of the goodies he received from the bakery shop ‘Butterfingers By Preetanjali’. We can spot two cookie jars from the large hamper. One is Bajra Chocolate Chip Cookies, made of eggs, jaggery, chocolate and bajra. The cookies are gluten-free and contain no refined sugar. Healthy, indeed! 

Another jar is of Walnut and Ragi Cookies, which are again gluten-free and refined sugar-free. The cookies contain eggs, ragi, jowar and walnuts.  

Take a look at the picture of the cookies Vicky Kaushal posted on Instagram Stories: 

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Cookies always find a place in our evening snacking spread. They are tasty and filling and go perfectly with our hot cup of tea. But if you too are inspired by Vicky Kaushal and want to switch to healthier cookies, you can make some yourself. We have a range of healthy cookie recipes like ragi cookies, atta walnut cookies, peanut butter cookies, coconut cookies and more. Click here to get all these recipes.  

If you don’t have an oven at home, then you can make simple vanilla-flavoured cookies in your microwave too. Just make sure to use healthy flour and replace sugar with jaggery or other alternatives to make them healthier. Here’s how you can make cookies in a microwave

Have yummy healthy cookies ready at home for anytime hunger. 

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