Video: Chennai, Battling With Floods, Now Has An Oil Spill Problem


Chennai is currently grappling with the devastating aftermath of Cyclone Michaung.


A viral video has surfaced showing layers of oil floating on floodwater in the Ennore area of Chennai. The area is home to several oil refineries and petrochemical industries, and the police are currently tracing the origin of the oil discharge.

Chennai is currently grappling with the devastating aftermath of Cyclone Michaung. Torrential rains have left the city’s low-lying pockets submerged in water, highlighting the critical need for improved flood prevention measures. 

The crude oil has reportedly spilled into the Buckingham Canal, a crucial waterway in the area. In the viral videos, the oil, slick like a dark stain, flowed freely along the canal’s surface, its path leading towards a nearby river, raising concerns about the potential contamination of a vast aquatic ecosystem.

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Days after Cyclone Michuang unleashed torrential rain on Chennai and its surrounding districts, the city continues to battle crippling waterlogging. The floodwaters, relentlessly clinging to the streets and suburbs, have paralysed daily life, leaving many stranded in their homes. The oil spill has now added to the problems.

Chennai Petrochemicals Limited (CPCL) has denied any leakage at its refinery at Manali. 

“We are investigating,” it said in a statement. “Due to Cyclone Michaung incessant rain caused unprecedented flooding inside the refinery. Other industries of Manali were also badly affected. Despite the flood situation in and around the refinery, the CPCL team rose to the occasion and ensured uninterrupted and safe operation of the refinery.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has greenlighted the first urban flood mitigation project in Chennai, allocating Rs 561.29 crore for “Integrated Urban Flood Management” activities in the Chennai Basin project.

Efforts to pump out stagnant water are being undertaken across various locations throughout the city while the Indian Air Force and the Coast Guard were engaged in dropping food and medical supplies from helicopters. 

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