Viral: Elon Musk Interview Playing At Local Canteen Is Peak Bengaluru Moment


Watching TV and eating dinner is more like a ritual. Relatable? Be it home or a restaurant, most of us look for the giant screen. Recently, a viral video from a canteen in Bengaluru has taken the Internet by storm. It’s not the food but the contents of the programme running on the food joint’s television that has caught people’s interest. Wondering why? It’s perhaps because the TV was not showing a news channel, documentary series, sports show or a daily soap. Rather, in the video, we can see Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s interview with American computer scientist Lex Friedman playing on the TV. You read that right. 

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As per the text attached to the clip on X (formerly Twitter), it was taken at a “Bihari mess” near Ramaiah College in Bengaluru. The name of the mess is Kashi Foods, located in Mathikere. 

The video is being hailed as another example of a “peak Bengaluru moment” because most restaurants are hardly seen playing such content on television. The clip has received more than 43k views on the platform.

A user said, “Bring back my BTech memories at RIT.”

Another added, “Wow good we are evolving at a much higher pace.”

“Peak Bengaluru moment” was the sentiment on social media.

“It’s over for America when Biharis are thinking about AI,” a comment read.

A few were shocked that the video was not from Kannada.

Meanwhile, a person couldn’t believe that North Indian food is available in Bengaluru.

A user added that he used to stay here 

Another incident that social media users called a “peak Bengaluru moment” was when a person discovered that a juice seller in the city was also a YouTube content creator. Read the full story here

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