Viral: Man Balances Large Rack Of Bread On Head While Bicycling. Internet Says “Wow”


Bread is a staple ingredient in our daily meals. It can be paired with delectable curries or can be used to make sandwiches or even desserts like puddings. Given its perishable nature, bread deliveries to supermarkets and local stores take place on a daily basis. Haven’t we all witnessed food trucks delivering essentials like bread, milk, and yoghurt to our nearby grocery stores? When covering a small market space, the truck is often replaced with a two-wheeler. But, this video shows a delivery person balancing a large rack of bread on their head while pedalling a bicycle. It might sound nearly impossible, but this Egypt-based man is garnering attention on the internet with his impressive balancing skills.
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In the video, a man from Cairo, Egypt is seen skillfully riding a bicycle on a bustling road. Balanced on his head is a long, two-tiered wooden rack loaded with bread loaves. Remarkably, he manages to maintain his balance and ride smoothly, while using his hands to support the wooden rack. His adept pedalling allows him to navigate effortlessly through the busy road.

Take a look at the video below:

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The video has crossed half a million views. Hundreds of people have shown admiration in the comment section.

A user wrote, “Love it with no hands steering, loaded with bread to balance over his head, in traffic=a multi-talented man! Hopefully, he will excel on his bicycle in anything he attempts .”

Another person said, “Always in Egypt! These guys are amazing professionals and cycling through traffic in Cairo!”

“Pro skills. I’d be on the floor with all that bread before the first corner,” read a comment. 

A person commented: “Hell level achieved I couldn’t even possibly or remotely balance all that bread and trying to manage to get around traffic and potholes.”

Another asked, “Is he talking on the phone as well?”

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