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Viral Now: This Husband Offered To Cook Dinner For His Wife, Except…

Viral Now: This Husband Offered To Cook Dinner For His Wife, Except…


There are days when cooking can be a breeze, with our favourite dishes ready in a matter of minutes. On other days, however, cooking can seem to be quite a task with literally no end in sight. It is on such days that home chefs could seriously use some help and respite from the kitchen. Recently, a Twitter user named @CocoaDoe explained how her husband decided to cook dinner the previous night and that he actually really enjoyed grilling food for everyone. The activity of grilling was the only part of cooking that he liked, so he offered to grill some chicken for dinner. But what happened next was quite hilarious and relatable! Take a look at the user’s tweet.

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“My husband really only likes to grill for the sport of it. He is rarely gonna make a side,” wrote the Twitter user in her post. She then revealed that her husband grilled a whole chicken for the family to eat for dinner, without any sides or breads to pair it with. “He smoked a whole chicken last night. I thought he was “making dinner”, Nope. He was just gonna have us eating chicken and nothing else,” wrote the user in her tweet.

The tweet went viral, raking in over 88k likes and 4k since the time it was posted. The numbers are constantly increasing and an increasing number of people could relate to the tweet. Many explained that this was exactly the problem with their respective husbands or brothers, who only cooked a single dish and did not think about the rest of the meal. “Sounds like my boyfriend! He had us grilling corn at 10pm,” wrote one user. Another agreed, “I make burgers and no sides. Cook chicken, fajitas, steak… and most I’ll do is white rice. Or easy mashed potatoes.”

Take a look at the reactions to the post:

What did you think of the hilarious tweet? Do you think there should be sides paired with grilled chicken or is it not necessary? Tell us in the comments below.

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