Home HEALTH & FITNESS Viral Video: “Everything Is Overpriced” – Salt Baes Restaurant Shocks Internet Yet Again

Viral Video: “Everything Is Overpriced” – Salt Baes Restaurant Shocks Internet Yet Again

Viral Video: “Everything Is Overpriced” – Salt Baes Restaurant Shocks Internet Yet Again


High-end restaurants overcharging for basic dishes is nothing new in the culinary world. The internet is flooded with innumerable users sharing evidence of the same from different corners of the world. One such incident has grabbed the internet’s attention. This time, the chain of luxury steak house Nusr-Et is at the receiving end of the ire of foodies for charging $10 (approximately Rs 800) for Sprite, the beverage. For context, the restaurant is charging nearly 10 times more than its market value. The steak house chain is owned by Turkish chef Nusret Gokce, who is more popularly known as Salt Bae.

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Back in 2017, Nusret kick-started a meme fest with his bizarre salt-sprinkling style on a steak. Yet again a video of Salt Bae preparing a steak and salting it at a table in one of his restaurants in his signature style has gone viral. It was shared by a user on X (formerly Twitter), with the text, “I’m sorry but this is just so cringe.” What has also caught the internet’s attention was an alleged cost breakdown of a bill at a Nusr-Et outlet, shared in the comments section. It showed that a Sprite was priced at $10 (over Rs 800), more than 10 times its market value. As per the breakdown, a dish called ‘Golden Tomahawk”, a gold foil-covered steak, was priced at $1000 (approximately Rs 83,000). The picture was shared with the text, “A concerned citizen posted this cost breakdown. Ten bucks for a Sprite?????”

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Needless to say, the bill breakdown left the internet flabbergasted. Many wondered if the amount assigned to Sprite was being charged for unlimited refills. A comment read, “Unlimited refills? Lol.”

Another commented, “Looks like everything is overpriced.”

A user said, “Or, make the spaghetti at home and save $159.”

“I just did the maths and the bill was $4602.90 and with tip (20%) it’s $5523.48,” said another user.”

Regarding the video, one user said, “It’s like watching a “ workout” instead of a cook/ chef”.

This is not the first time that Salt Bae has grabbed the internet’s attention. Last year in November, he shared a huge food bill from his restaurant, leaving internet users gob-smacked with the amount mentioned on it. The food bill showed a total amount of around Rs. 1.36 crore. Dated November 17, 2022, the total amount of the bill came to AED 615,065 or Rs. 1.36 crores approximately. It was from Salt Bae’s one of the restaurants in Abu Dhabi. Read the full story here

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