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Viral Video Explains The Right Cutlery Etiquette While Fine Dining

Viral Video Explains The Right Cutlery Etiquette While Fine Dining


As we visit our favourite restaurants after a hiatus of two years, we are all re-learning the etiquettes of dining out. Eating at a fine dining restaurant can be a daunting task for many. What is the right way to place an order? Should we hold our glasses in our right hand or left hand? And what about the cutlery next to our plates – how should we use them? All these questions and more flood our brains at expensive restaurants. Luckily for us, a recent viral video clears up all our doubts and explains the exact cutlery etiquette to be followed at a restaurant table. Wondering what it’s all about? Take a look and see for yourself:

The video was shared by the Instagram page What A Host (@whatahost), which regularly shares amazing home decor clips for its followers. The clip about the rituals and etiquettes of dinner has garnered over 5.7 million views and 206k likes already. “Table Etiquette: How to place your cutlery depending on the message you want to transmit,” explained the caption of the video.

In the clip on cutlery etiquette, each way of keeping the fork and knife was said to depict a meaning. For instance, when you want your next plate, you can keep the two at ninety-degree angles forming a cross. If you want to pause the meal before beginning the next course, simply align the tips of the fork and knife together to form a triangle. Didn’t like a meal? Put the knife in between the fork and leave the two lying sideways. Really liked a meal? Keep both parallels at the centre of the plate. Lastly, the video showed how to depict that you have finished eating – keeping both fork and knife straight in the centre.

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Visiting a fine dining restaurant? Here are some things that you should keep in mind.

A number of comments poured in for the viral video of table etiquette. Quite a few found this insight extremely useful and revelatory – they didn’t know such practices even existed and meaning could be conveyed simply using cutlery. “This is amazing! I’m sharing to my couples now,” wrote one user while another said, “In my experience, you just need signs for pause and finish!”

Talking about table etiquette, another bizarre video had gone viral recently showing how the queen eats bananas with the use of a fork and knife. An etiquette expert who worked with the royals explained the process in a clip. Twitter was left in splits and wondered why she didn’t use her hands for this simple task.

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