Viral Video: German Woman Makes Desi Tiffin For Indian Husband, Wins Hearts Online


It’s often said that you can take a person out of India, but you can’t take India out of a person. This sentiment rings true, especially, when it comes to food preferences. The rich flavours of tadka and the enticing aroma of spices hold a special place in the hearts of desi food enthusiasts. Even when we go abroad, we find ourselves longing for our Indian comfort foods. Recently, a video showing a German woman preparing a tiffin meal for her Indian husband has gone viral. According to her, he insists on having “only Indian dishes for his lunch.” And she doesn’t seem to mind cooking them for him. 
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In the Instagram reel, the woman makes a preparation of kala chana (brown chickpeas) along with rotis (flatbreads). She starts by placing chickpeas and water into a pressure cooker and adds a pinch of salt before sealing the lid. Next, she blends onions, ginger, and garlic together and keeps some chopped green chillies ready. In a separate pan, she heats some oil and adds cumin seeds, ginger-garlic paste, the blended onion mixture, turmeric, and various spices. She also mixes in tomato puree, chopped green chillies, and a spoonful of salt. She the transfers this mixture into the pressure cooker with the boiled chickpeas. Using a ladle, she combines the ingredients to create a yummy-looking curry. After that, she makes rotis. In the end, she packs the chickpea curry in a traditional Indian steel tiffin box and wraps the rotis in silver foil. 

The caption of the video reads, “My husband is from Amritsar, India. And thanks to him, I learned to cook Indian food. Some would see it as a burden to have to cook food from a foreign culture. For me it has become my passion!”, along with a heart emoji. Take a look at the video below:

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The video has received more than 560K views so far. The woman’s efforts have won many hearts online. Many people not only took note of the food, but also the steel box she packed it in. Read some of the reactions below:

An Instagram user wrote, “That tiffin box is more Indian than the food itself.”
Another complimented her skills, “Your rotis are better than mine.”
A third stated, “I applaud your resolve to learn to cook our food. You’re a total pro.”
A user wrote, “Your husband is lucky to have you as wife.”
Another added, “I think it’s amazing to learn to cook Indian. It’s an act of love. I enjoy following your posts.”
A person said, “You are both are fortunate to have found each other.”
Someone showered blessings by writing, “You are so sweet. You make Indian food with so much warmth.. may god give you all the happiness of the world.”

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