Viral Video Of Turkish Coffee Being Made Is So Satisfying To Watch


Coffee is a beverage that has captured the fancy of people across the world. From americano to espresso, latte to frappe – there are countless versions of the humble drink today. You can enjoy it by itself, pair it with desserts or even use it to make all sorts of recipes and tasty desserts such as Tiramisu. Coffee is consumed in various parts of the globe in different forms, and one such latest version we have come across is Turkish coffee. While we have all heard of Turkish ice cream, another amazing thing to try from the country is their aromatic coffee. Recently, a video of the making of Turkish coffee has left the internet mesmerised and there is more than one reason for this. Take a look:

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We have often seen videos of Turkish ice cream being served by vendors. But this time, Turkish coffee was what piqued the internet’s curiosity. Turkey has a coffee tradition dating back several centuries. Arabica beans are used in their ground form and added to water with some sugar. The entire preparation is done in a ‘cezve’ or special brewing vessel.

Usually, Turkish coffee is brewed on a low flame from a fire or a stove. In this video, however, the delicious and flavourful drink was prepared by using hot sand! Yes, you read that right. The vessel for preparing Turkish coffee or ‘cezve’ was filled with water and ground coffee. Then, the cezve was smoothly glided over the heated sand, resulting in a boiling effect on the water.

The 15-second video of the Turkish coffee being made went viral in no time. Shared by the popular page @fasc1nate, it has already received over 6.7 million views and 68k likes. People were quite surprised to see how the sand became so hot that it could boil the coffee! “I really want to try this as it looks so good. I love trying new teas & coffee,” wrote one user. “The line between science and magic is merely perspective!”

Take a look at the reactions:

What did you think of this mesmerising video of coffee being made? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, if you want to know more about Turkish coffee and how you can make it at home, we have just what you need. It is surely possible to make Turkish coffee at home and you don’t need sand for it either. Click here to know all about Turkish coffee, its origins and how to prepare it at home.

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