Viral Video Shows A Super Easy Way To Clean Gas Stove Burners At Home


Cleaning the kitchen is like a ritual. We scrub, mop, and sanitise every nook and cranny. But, wait a minute. What about those trusty old gas stove burners? They often get neglected, collecting layers of grime over the years. It is not just unhygienic; it can also slow down the flame and hinder your culinary adventures. But fear not, the internet has got your back. A recent Instagram video is guiding people about a super effective method to clean those dirty burners. It is like a kitchen hack that is too good not to share. So, get ready to bid adieu to the grime and say hello to a sparkling clean stove!

In the video, the process starts with taking a steel bowl and placing the dirty burners in it. After that, some hot water is put in the bowl and half a lemon is squeezed into it. They even put the lemon shell in the bowl. Then, they empty a packet of fruit salt into the bowl, cover it, and leave it to rest for an hour. After one hour, they take dishwash gel, put it on a toothbrush, and clean the burners with the help of that brush. And that’s it, the grime is all gone, and the burners are shiny clean! You can see the difference before and after the cleaning process. 

Take a look at the video below:

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This fantastic cleaning hack garnered a whopping 2.8 million views, and the comments section was buzzing with appreciation from many viewers.

A user wrote, “Love all your cleaning hacks.”

Another user added, “Good information Mam.”

A person appreciated by writing, “Fantastic idea.’

Someone joked, “Fruit salt is used for everything except its real purpose.” 

An Instagrammer gave another cleaning hack and penned, “Shortcut:- Baking soda + Hot water.” 

A user enquired, “Does it really work?”

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