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Viral: Womans Act Of Generosity At Restaurant Wins Hearts On Internet

Viral: Womans Act Of Generosity At Restaurant Wins Hearts On Internet


It doesn’t take a lot to be kind and this viral video of a woman inviting a man, who was eating alone, over to her table at a restaurant is proof. Her generous act is winning applause on the internet, with people calling her a “girl from heaven.” The video, shared by Akash Shukla on Instagram, opens with a man sitting alone and eating a thin loaf of bread. Next to his table, was a woman enjoying her meal. Moments later, she waves at the man and invites him over. The man accepts the offer and shifts to her table. The lady further offered him a burger. Moved by her kind gesture, he keeps his loaf of bread in the bag and munches on the delicious snack. It is followed by a short conversation between the two, after which the man points towards the camera, which was stationed to capture the entire incident. The text accompanying the clip read: “Girl’s act of generosity warms hearts at restaurant.”
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Watch the full video here: 

The video was posted on August 13. It has so far clocked over 4 million views on the photo and video-sharing platform. Many have lauded the girl’s kind gesture. One of the users wrote, “She is a wife material girl with a golden heart and brain.” Another person said, “Such a good person.” 

“The girl from heaven,” read a comment. 

Amid all the love and appreciation, some Instagram users opined that the act was ‘staged.’

One person commented: “Why did she order a meal with an extra burger… You know what I mean.” 

A user said that the act was “just for video purposes.”
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This sweet gesture reminded us of a 2019 incident when restaurant staff left a fish bowl with a goldfish at a diner’s table. A user Prakash Mallya in a post on X (formerly called Twitter) shared that he walked into a Mumbai restaurant “for a quick meal.” As he was eating alone, the hotel staff came by to leave a goldfish on his table. Sharing the incident, Mallya wrote, “Land in Mumbai, walk into the hotel restaurant for a quick meal. The hotel staff came by to leave this on my table as company given I was eating alone. So nice and thoughtful and something that’s never happened in all my travels thus far! #CustomerExperience.”

Have you ever dined alone at a restaurant? Let us know your experience in the comments.


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