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Vlogger Tries “Most Expensive Cakes” – You Wont Believe The Ingredients!

Vlogger Tries “Most Expensive Cakes” – You Wont Believe The Ingredients!


Cakes have been an essential part of celebrations for decades now, marking everything from birthdays to milestones. They symbolise joy, togetherness, and the sweetness of special moments. However, sometimes the sweetness can come at a cost, quite literally. The artistry and craftsmanship that go into creating modern cakes, with their intricate designs and personalised touches, often make them quite expensive. Recently, a content creator tried out “two of the world’s most expensive cakes” and you won’t believe what they are made out of! In his video, he was seen eating the cakes in his car, claiming that the cakes are only supposed to be eaten with a 78K pure gold carat fork.
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First up was the Pompon Vanilla Caramel Grade A cake, featuring the rarest vanilla on earth and real pure gold valued at $1500 (Rs 1,25,056). We see a velvety white texture when he sliced into it.  Claimed to be designed and hand-painted by French artists from the Louvre Museum, he gave it an 8/10, describing it as incredible and likening it to eating a cloud. Then, he bit into the edible pure gold layer, feeling all lucky, and rated it 9/10.

The second cake was the Wild Berry Crystal Macaron Cheesecake, boasting the world’s priciest macaron at $9703 (Rs 8,08,966). It had multiple layers inside, decorated with macarons on the outer layer, creating a delightful and visually appealing treat. He humorously noted that the cake cost more than his Jeep, giving it a rating of 9.5/10. After trying the macaron, he raised the rating to an impressive 9.9/10. The content creator summed up the experience with the caption, “The craziest thing I’ve tried.”

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The video left some viewers in disbelief, with many finding it hard to believe that the cakes could be so expensive. One user commented, “He’s lying right,” while another wrote, “No thanks, I’d rather not have anxiety while eating a cake.”

Meanwhile, a user pointed out that these cakes were not the most expensive in the world; according to them, the title goes to the $75 million diamond cake. “The ‘Diamond Cake’ by Debbie Wingham – Price: $75 million. An amalgamation of luxury and confectionary art, it’s embedded with more than 4000 diamonds, including pink, yellow, and white ones, making it not just a cake but a jewelled masterpiece. It’s no wonder it holds the crown for the most expensive cake in the world,” a user said.

However, some users called him out, stating that these cakes weren’t that expensive and accused him of being “fake”. “Bro it’s so fake,” one user commented, while someone detailed, “OK I’m confused because on their website these cakes are $55 and $39 Canadian respectively.”

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