Wait, What? Dal Makhani Ice Cream Roll Is The Latest Bizarre Food – Internet Reacts


If you’ve grown up in a north Indian household – you know there’s nothing better than a bowl of freshly cooked dal makhani. A rich and creamy dal that spells indulgence in every bite. It is traditionally served hot as a main course dish with roti, naan or rice. However, have you ever thought of having your beloved dal makhani in an ice cream form? Yes, you heard us right! While we all love to experiment with our food choices occasionally, there are some people who go one step ahead and come up with bizarre food combinations. From Maggi ice cream roll and momos ice cream roll to masala dosa ice cream roll and more – the latest addition to this list is the dal makhani ice cream roll and it has left the internet disgusted.

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In a recent video uploaded by Instagram food blogger @thegreatindianfoodie, we can see a vendor making this dal makhani ice cream roll. The video begins with the vendor pouring dal makhani on a cold pan of an ice cream roll machine. He then pours some cream over the dal and mixes it thoroughly. Once the paste is smooth, he spreads it evenly over the pan and scrapes three rolls out of it.  He serves the ice cream rolls with a side of naan and onions. Take a look at the video here:

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Looks awful right? Ever since the video was uploaded, it has garnered 251K views, 5.9K likes and hundreds of comments. It seems like netizens were not happy with this bizarre food combination.  One person wrote, “Abhi ise desert samaj ke khana hai ya main course (Now should we have this as a dessert or main course?)” Another person wrote, “Can’t imagine, horrible taste.”

Another user mentioned, “That’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen.” “Eat at your own risk.” added another.

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