Wait, What? On Mothers Request, Daughter Brings 10 Kg Tomatoes From Dubai


Tomato is an essential ingredient when it comes to Indian cuisine. From tangy chutneys to refreshing salads, from scrumptious snacks to finger-licking curries, this little red wonder is used in pretty much everything. Once upon a time, you could get a whole kilo of tomatoes for a mere 20 bucks. Now, the prices of this staple ingredient are skyrocketing across the country. With a kilo of tomatoes selling for up to Rs 250- 300, monthly grocery budgets of Indian households are feeling the pinch. People are coming up with a variety of strategies to tackle this problem. One woman even allegedly requested her daughter to bring 10kg of tomatoes from Dubai. 
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A user narrated the whole incident in her Twitter post. She wrote, “My sister is coming to India from Dubai for her children’s summer holidays and she asked my mum if she wanted anything from Dubai and my mother said bring 10 kilos of tomatoes. And so now she has packed 10kg tomatoes in a suitcase and sent it.” Take a look at her tweet below:

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Reacting to the tweet, a user asked, “How will she store it? Maybe freeze it?? Can it???? You all eat at the same place??? Or do I not know how quickly tomatoes get used ???? So many questions??? I was hoarding tomato and it’s starting to rot…I’m cutting around it.”

To this, the woman replied, “As a family, we use a ridiculous amount of tomatoes so my (mother) will make like a pickle, a chutney, bring some for me.”

Another person wanted to know the price of tomatoes in Dubai.

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Some users even argued about the prices of tomatoes in Dubai. 

One of them said, “Tomatoes in Dubai cost 5.8-6 AED/kg – Rs 130/kg. In Chennai, depending on the quality you can get tomatoes between Rs 125 and Rs 135. I think your mother was being nice and being funny. We are not adding the Rs 10k one way flight OR the fact that Dubai imports tomatoes from India.”

“See the price we are getting at 3.95dhm which means Rs 87, some stores available at Rs 66. Imports are done from many countries like Turkey, Iran, Egypt etc,” read a tweet.

What are your thoughts on this mother’s ‘solution’ to the current price hike? Let us know in the comments below. 
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