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Wait! What? Viral Video Shows People Knitting Pasta Into A Sheet

Wait! What? Viral Video Shows People Knitting Pasta Into A Sheet


The Internet is a wild place when it comes to food experiments. We have all seen those videos or read about things like Mexican panipuri, ice cream pakoda, and Fanta Maggi. It won’t be wrong to say that street vendors seem fearless, serving such combos. Meanwhile, food influencers, out there, are trying to make their content go viral. But here’s the latest buzz on Instagram: a video where people are knitting pasta into a sheet. Yes, you read that right. This clip has collected six million views till now. The food-loving community kept it real and posted thousands of hilarious comments.
In this viral video, the star of the show is a bowl brimming with boiled pappardelle pasta taking a good soak. What’s cooking here is a real pasta transformation. Two persons are in on the action. One’s got the pasta needles in hand, knitting away like it’s a scarf, while the other is the trusty assistant, piling pasta onto those needles. When all’s over, they unveil their masterpiece: a teeny-tiny knitted pasta sheet. Alongside, the continuous background noise of screamy laughter that’ll have you in stitches too. Yes, this video’s got it all – pasta crafting, teamwork, and a symphony of giggles. Who knew noodles could be so entertaining?
The caption of the video reads, “Delicious food maker.” The comments under this post were just as amusing as the video itself.
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Take a look at the video below:

A user wrote, “The laughing is uncalled for.” Another one commented, “Whoever is laughing, keep going! It’s infectious!” A person anticipated, “5 star restaurants gonna make this a glove you wear and dip in the sauce then eat it lol.” Someone from Italy said, “My Italian blood is in shock, but I suspect it has been made by an Italian”
An Instagrammer pointed out, “Why is no one talking about how strong that pasta is.” A thoughtful comment read, “Okay but hear me out… if you make several of those, you could layer them into a lasagna with cheese and sauce.”
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