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Want To Make Perfect Crispy Murukku At Home? Follow These 5 Tips

Want To Make Perfect Crispy Murukku At Home? Follow These 5 Tips


Murukku, also known as chakli, is a beloved South Indian snack. Known for its unique spiral shape and crispness, it makes for the perfect accompaniment to a cup of hot tea. People who are fans of murukku make sure to have multiple packets stocked in their kitchen. Of course, it’s convenient to buy it from the market, but making a fresh batch at home has its own charm. It may seem daunting at first, but trust us, it’s as simple as making pakodas. If you wish to make them at home, we have jotted down some helpful tips that’ll come in handy to ensure they are super crispy and delicious.
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Cooking Tips: Here Are 5 Tips To Make Crispy Murukku At Home:

1. The quality of the ingredients matters:

To make perfectly crispy murukku at home, you must be mindful of the quality of the ingredients that you use. Rice flour and urad dal are the key ingredients you’ll need to make this snack. The fresher they are, the better your murukku will taste. Using old or low-quality ingredients can have a drastic impact on the overall flavour.

2. Pay attention to the dough:

Once you have all the ingredients in place, the next step is to combine them to prepare the dough. Use the correct measurement of ingredients and warm water to do so. This will make it easier to work with. Your dough should neither be too soft nor too hard. It should just be soft enough to retain its shape when pressing it in the murukku press.

3. Cook on the right flame:

The flame on which you fry the murukku plays a great role in how they turn out. If it’s too high, the oil will quickly become hot and fry the murukku only from the outside. The insides may still remain uncooked. For best results, keep the flame to medium and test a small portion of the dough before you go in and cook the entire thing.
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4. Do not overcrowd the kadhai:

We’ve all done this, haven’t we? As soon as we have everything ready, we quickly add it to the kadhai to get done with the frying process. You may think it’ll speed up the process, but the outcome is usually the opposite. Adding everything at once can result in the murukku sticking to each other and preventing them from cooking evenly.

5. Do not forget to drain excess oil:

We’re done with the cooking process; what else could there possibly be left to watch out for? Well, this is exactly where we go wrong. We often forget to drain the excess oil. It’s important to transfer the murukku to tissue paper first and then eat it. This way, they’ll remain crispy for longer. If you skip it, they’ll become soggy sooner than expected.

Making murukku at home is not as difficult as it seems. Just be mindful of the above-mentioned steps, and you’ll be able to make it perfectly every time. To get started, here’s the perfect murukku recipe for you to try at home.


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