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Watch: Food Vlogger Tries Tikki Rasgulla Chat; Leaves Internet In Dismay

Watch: Food Vlogger Tries Tikki Rasgulla Chat; Leaves Internet In Dismay


At some point, all of us must have come across weird food combinations on the internet. From chocolate Maggi to paan brownie – there is a vast range of fusion foods that mostly leave us confused or disappointed. And one such food combination that has caught the attention of many is the bizarre ‘rasgulla tikki chaat.’ Yes, you read that right! When food vlogger Anjali Dhingra decided to try the rasgulla tikki chaat, she recorded this offbeat food combination that has left many people amused. In a short clip posted on Instagram by @soosaute, the vlogger first shows the plate of the rasgulla tikki chaat, which has a base of aloo tikki topped with rasgulla, green chutney, imly chutney, dahi, a few veggies with sev.

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In the video, the vlogger can be heard saying, “Hum ye bohot weird combination try karne wale hai (We are going to try this very weird combination).” As soon as she takes a bite into this dish, her disappointment with this experimental chaat is clearly visible. In the end, she told her followers that this chaat cost INR 140 and that she would never have it again! Take a look:

According to the vlogger, this chaat is from VV Puram food street, Bengaluru.

Ever since the video was posted, it has garnered more than one lakh views, 11.5k likes and several comments where many people are confused and amused with this combination. One of the users wrote, “eat at your own risk.” While another user said, “why, why would someone come up with that, detain this thele wala please.” Another user even said, “As a Bengali, I feel hurt after watching this video.”

While this is just one bizarre combination, the year 2021 seems to be the era filled with many such new fusions that have left the internet in splits. Earlier than this, a street food stall in Ahmedabad also grabbed the attention of many by selling oreo pakoda! The video, which was uploaded by YouTube channel foodie_incarnate, shows that a vendor can be seen preparing a besan batter and dips oreo biscuit in it to make pakodas!

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