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Watch: Groundhog Eats Crops In Front Of Farmers Security Camera

Watch: Groundhog Eats Crops In Front Of Farmers Security Camera


If there’s one thing you will find in abundance on the internet, it would be funny animal videos. Pet owners and even internet users curate these hilarious moments from our daily lives. A quick scroll on social media would be incomplete without these adorable antics by our furry friends that rake in views by the millions. One recent animal video, however, has left Reddit users in splits. A groundhog or ‘woodchuck’ decided to raid a farmer’s crops for some food. His endeavour was successful, and in fact – he actually decided to eat the crop on the same farmer’s security cameras! The hilarious video surfaced on Reddit. Take a look:

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The video was shared on the sub-Reddit r/Damnthatsinteresting by user u/22Fingers. It has already received over 6.9k upvotes and hundreds of comments. “Groundhog steals farmer’s crop and eats it in front of his security camera,” read the caption to the video. In the clip, we could see the groundhog innocently nibbling on different kinds of fresh produce such as corn, nuts, bell peppers and tomatoes. 3-minute 40-second long montage also featured some friends of the groundhog. He seemed to be aware that he was being captured on tape, thus adding to the humour of the situation!

The foodie groundhog indeed left Reddit users in splits. The fact that the groundhog committed a crime and came on camera too was too hilarious. Several users left their comments on the video. “Thank you for blessing my eyes,” wrote one user while another stated, “Chunk is living his best life!” Another one added funny captions to the video, saying “Dave, you watching? I’m eating your food, Dave. You grew this one for your mum? It’s mine now, Dave. munch munch.”

Take a look at the best reactions:

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