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Watch: How To Make Viral Butter Candle That You Can Also Eat

Watch: How To Make Viral Butter Candle That You Can Also Eat


Food trends are exciting to follow. You come across some bizarre and really interesting recipes that are worth a try. Butter candle is the latest viral trend grabbing eyeballs all over the internet. The melting butter candle will melt your heart. The buttery fragrance and dropping velvety gobs of butter make you want to just pick it up and eat it.  And guess what? You actually can! This edible butter candle doubles up as a tabletop and a dish. So, it comes as no surprise why it is making waves on the internet. 

What is viral butter candle?  

The candle is simply a blob of frozen butter in a cylindrical shape with a wick fixed on top, resembling a real wax candle. You can light up this candle and decorate your table or foods like cakes, and eventually just eat it up. 

Did these yellow-coloured candles pop in your social media feeds too? Then you must be tempted to make the viral butter candles at home.  

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How To Make Viral Butter Candle I Viral Butter Candle Recipe: 

We found an easy recipe for butter candle on an Instagram page ‘SpoonUniversity’. A video post shows the making of the candle in a few simple steps. They added garlic flavour to it to make butter garlic candle. You can skip adding garlic if you want to. First, add some crushed garlic to room-temperature butter, melt it and pour it into a cylindrical paper cup. Then, refrigerate the cup for a couple of fours. And take the butter out of the cup, upside down. Fix a small wick on top and light it up. 

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See the video here. 

Now that you know how easy it is to make butter candle, would you try the recipe? 

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