Watch: Man Makes Dairy Milk Omelette; Internet Confused


When it comes to food, people these days have been putting all their creativity into preparing some innovative dishes. We have witnessed street food vendors cooking everything from dal makhani ice cream rolls and chocolate Maggi to cheese chai and eggs fried in an orange drink. Combining odd foods either results in a lip-smacking dish that leaves everyone drooling or leads to a complete disaster that causes outrage among foodies. This time, a street vendor dared to prepare a Dairy Milk omelette. You heard us.

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In a video, uploaded on Instagram, a vendor begins by melting some chunks of butter in the pan before tossing in a few raw eggs. He adds some chopped onions, green chillies, and tomatoes and sprinkles some salt along with other spices. Some coriander and shredded paneer also go into it before the man proceeds to add the bizarre ingredient. He takes a big bar of Dairy Milk chocolate and grates it over the omelette. Not just this, the person then drizzles some chocolate syrup on the omelette and places some slices of bread and cheese. Garnishing the omelette, the vendor squeezes out some more chocolate syrup and serves it with a smile.

Also Read: Netizens Reveal Bizarre Food Combos They Love – Twitter Thread Will Shock You

The clip amassed more than seven lakh views on the platform and many seemed against the idea of trying such a chocolate-y omelette.

“Ah yes, the classic combo of eggs and chocolate, just make a pancake man,” a user wrote. Another said that such food combinations “should be “illegal”.

A person suggested that the omelette looked tasty until the chocolate was added. “That omelette looks like it was going to slap before the choc came in,” a comment read. One user wrote, “I want this omelette, hold the dairy milk though bring in that masala goodness!”

Another user, who seemed appalled, said, “Just had dinner then saw this…yeah I’m not eating this weekend now”.

So, what are your thoughts on it? Would you want to try this unique (read: bizarre) omelette? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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