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Watch: Man Makes Puris Without A Drop Of Oil, Heres What He Used

Watch: Man Makes Puris Without A Drop Of Oil, Heres What He Used


Call it pani puri, puchka, or golgappa, this epic street food is very close to the hearts of Indians. Loaded with flavourful aloo masala, ragda (a thick spicy curry made with dried white peas), and delicious tangy-sweet water, this delicacy can make us drool at any point in time. However, it is not considered great for health, courtsey the deep fried puri. Several health conscious foodies prepare it at home by air-frying the puris that eliminate the use of oil. We recently came across a desi way to prepare puris without oil. Yes, you read that right! A post shared on a food page on Instagram “Street Food Recipes,” run by Mehul Hingu, shows the preparation of puris in a unique way. The caption reads, “Most unique sand roasted golgappas.”

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In the video, you can see a man preparing puris without oil. There is a huge kadhai, filled with heated sand, kept on a chulha in front of him. The man can be seen adding pani puris into the sand and swirling it. Eventually, you see that the puris have puffed up and are almost ready to be eaten. While we are not sure about its taste or any other details, the video has definitely grabbed attention on social media. Interesting, isn’t it? The post has received many likes and reactions from users in the comment section. 

Check out the video below:

Do you feel tempted already to try out pani puris at home? If yes, then don’t forget to pair them with a nice, sumptuous aloo masala. 

How to make aloo masala for paani puri?

How will you make it? Just boil some potatoes, remove their skin and mash them all perfectly. Keep some boiled chickpeas alongside. Mix the two major ingredients to set a base for the masala. Now, it’s time to add spices. You can sprinkle chaat masala, jeera powder, salt and even lemon juice. Don’t forget to add coriander leaves and green chilli paste. Mix everything and your traditional aloo masala is ready. Fill the puris and enjoy with yummy water.

How to prepare the tangy water?

Take a grinder and blend mint leaves, coriander, ginger,  chillies and tamarind together. Make a thick paste and add water to it. Take it into a large bowl and put spices including chaat masala, cumin seeds, hing, salt and cold water as well. Mix everything and your tangy water is ready.

Those who like to add a slightly sweet twist to pani puri, can also prepare sweet tamarind water. You will need tamarind extract and jaggery. Add spices like chaat masala, cumin powder, pepper powder, tsp chilli powder, pinch hing and salt. 

Assemble everything together and relish!

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