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Watch Now: The Tomato Ketchup Factory Tour That Will Blow Your Mind

Watch Now: The Tomato Ketchup Factory Tour That Will Blow Your Mind


Tomato ketchup, the trusty companion to our snacks and meals, is a favourite among both kids and adults. Whether it’s sandwiches, rolls, burgers, or parathas, we all love a dollop of this tangy delight. While various brands cater to our ketchup cravings, have you ever wondered how it’s made? Well, we stumbled upon a video that spills the beans on the entire process.

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Blogger Amar Sirohi, also known as ‘foodie_incarnate’ on YouTube, shared an interesting video showcasing the making of tomato ketchup in a food factory in Uttar Pradesh. The video gained quite a buzz, with 1.3 million likes and over 45 views in just one day. The video takes you through the steps of ketchup production, making it a fascinating watch.

In the video, you’ll see tomatoes getting a good wash in a big container, with high water pressure separating the bad ones. These tomatoes then head into a boiler, where steam does its magic, softening them up. After a cooling period, the tomatoes are processed into a puree using specialized machinery, and a mix of ingredients is added to create that classic ketchup taste.

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The puree undergoes another round of cooking in a boiler, with red chilli powder, coriander powder, onion, garlic, sodium benzoate, sugar, and salt all making their way into the mix. After 40 minutes of simmering, the ketchup is ready to be bottled and hit the market shelves.

Watch the video here:

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