Watch: Potato Peel Dish Wows MasterChef India Judges, Recipe Gets 73 Million Views


Food lovers are always on the lookout for the next big thing in the kitchen, and a recipe that is breaking the internet involves an unexpected twist. Imagine this: a dish so unique, so out-of-the-box that it’s taking social media by storm. The kind of recipe that makes you go, “Wait, they put what in there?” Well, folks, this unexpected culinary creation has earned its moment in the spotlight, thanks to none other than the culinary maestros on MasterChef India. With potato peels as his main ingredient, Contestant Suraj Thapa amazed the MasterChef India judges with his stunning dish. Yes, you hear it right – potato peels! The overlooked bits that often get discarded without a blink. The judges were not just impressed; they were downright floored. Talk about turning kitchen scraps into culinary gold!
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Suraj crafted a dish using potato peels and was seen presenting his creation to the judges in a viral video, earning commendation from Chef Vikas Khanna and Chef Ranveer Brar. He revealed that the recipe relies on basic ingredients such as salt and common Indian spices, commonly found in most households. These elements are combined with the potato peels, and the mixture is then microwaved overnight. The outcome is the crunchy, flavourful, and absolutely delightful potato peel chips. The judges praised the dish, calling it a “zero waste milestone” and suggesting that everyone in India should start making these chips instead of throwing away potato peels. 

The dish has divided the internet with some emphasising its zero-waste aspect while others express concerns about the electricity consumption during the prolonged microwave heating.
One person commented, “Who will pay the electricity bill if we keep the oven running throughout the night.”
“Zero waste milestone and what about the electric wastage,” another comment read.
Someone else sarcastically added, “This brother has run the oven overnight and has made zero waste by spending one night’s electricity.”
Meanwhile, another person emphasised that the “peel has more nutrient value than the inner part.”

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