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Watch: Secret Tips To Make Perfectly Crispy Aloo Chips That Will Last A Year

Watch: Secret Tips To Make Perfectly Crispy Aloo Chips That Will Last A Year


Whether it is for evening snacking, or late-night munching paired with meals like sandwiches, aloo chips stand out as the preferred option. Homemade aloo chips are commonly seen in Indian households as they offer the same crunch and saltiness, minus the preservatives. But one problem that all home chefs face is that the chips turn black, soggy and unpalatable sooner than expected. Do you also face a similar issue? You are going to thank us for these superb tips that we dug out for you to make long-lasting aloo chips at home.  

In a video posted on the YouTube channel ‘Cooking With Reshu’, we found out some great hacks to make the perfect homemade aloo chips that don’t turn black and remain crispy for a long time. We listed down the recipe with tips for you here.  

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How To Make Crispy Aloo Chips I Homemade Aloo Chips Recipe  

1. First, take large-sized potatoes. Wash and peel them and put them in water. This ensures that the potatoes don’t turn black when cooked. Then cut them into round slices.   

Tip: After cutting the slices, immediately put them in water. This is also an important step to prevent the blackening of the chips later.  

2. Now wash all the slices in water.  

Tip: Wash thoroughly 2-3 times. This removes the starch from the potatoes and lengthens their life. With low starch content, the chips will retain shape for a long time. 

3. Now boil some water and add salt to it. When the water starts boiling, add the raw potato slices and cook with the lid closed.  

Tip: The water should be fully boiling when you put the chips, the slices may cook unevenly otherwise. If you put slices in cold or par-boiling water, some of the chips will dunk to the bottom of the vessel and will cook later than others. 

4. Boil the slices for 5-7 minutes, not more than that.   

Tip: Keep shuffling and turning the slices so that all the slices cook evenly at the same time. Take a ladle and keep turning the slices after a minute so that both the sides of the chips get heat from the gas. 

5. When foam forms in the water, take it as a sign that the slices are cooked.   

Tip: Another way to know if the slices are cooked is that the ends slightly curl inwards. The chips should be crispy and should not break when touched.  

6. Take off the slices from the gas, drain the water through a strainer and dry in the sun for 1-2 days.  

Tip: Sun-drying is a long process but it gives an everlasting crispiness to the chips. If the weather is sunny, one day should be enough or else it may take up to 3 days too. Check if the chips have hardened to know they are dried enough.  

7. Store these chips and fry them whenever you want to consume them.   

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Try this recipe and these tips to make the perfect homemade potato chips. Watch the complete recipe video here:  

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